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When you need heat during frigid Park City and Salt Lake City winters, you need it right away. As we have proved over more than 80 years in the plumbing and heating business, Harris-Dudley is the answer. We are the premier local contractor for hydronic radiant floor heating systems, radiator systems and automatic snow melt. Don’t spend another winter shivering and shoveling!

Whether you need service for your radiant floor heating system or installation of plumbing, heating, air conditioning or snow melt in Salt Lake City, call us first. Our experienced technicians are RMGA and EPA Certified, receive ongoing training in their fields and are state licensed and insured.

The Harris-Dudley Heating System Difference:

  • We have decades of industry experience in Plumbing Systems and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning Systems and Services) in Salt Lake City and Park City. We are a leader in Snow Melt and Radiant Floor Heating Systems and Services.
  • We back up our service with a 60-day parts and installation warranty on all service calls.
  • We back up our new equipment installations with a minimum 1 year parts and labor warranty.
  • We do what we say and we do it when we promise.

At Harris–Dudley, our top priority is that you be happy with for your radiant heating floor heating, snow melt, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Getting credible information and education is critical in your decision process. Our vast experience in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas will ensure you have all of your questions answered accurately so there are no surprises when you start your project.We would love the opportunity to earn your trust!

What is a Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating System?

These hydronic radiant systems work by transferring heat directly to the floor, and that means you can be warm from your toes up no matter what Salt Lake City winters throw at you. The floors are always warm or neutral in temperature, whether they’re tile, wood or other materials.
These hydronic radiant floor heating systems are more efficient than forced air heating because no heat is lost through ducts, and you don’t have to arrange your furniture to accommodate heat registers. Instead, you can use every inch of the room to your liking, knowing you’ll be warm and comfortable throughout the house.
Hydronic radiant floor heating is our most popular offering in Salt Lake City and Park City homes and businesses, but we also service and install forced air heating systems. If you are looking for a home heating solution for new construction or remodels, we will use advanced software to help find the most effective and efficient system for your space.
At Harris-Dudley, our experienced technicians can also service and install baseboard or panel radiant heating systems and forced air HVAC systems.

Heated Driveways and Snow Melt Services in SLC and Park City

Imagine being able to safely access your sidewalks and driveways without the hassle of snow shovels and salt! Our heated driveways can be installed with concrete, pavers or asphalt, and are ideal for everything from long, steep driveways to patios and walkways. In all, even projects that require removal of old concrete take only a few days.
The snow melt systems work through a structure of tubing, insulation and wire mesh under the surface, with manifolds nearby or in the garage. Then, natural gas or propane boilers heat the fluid and distribute it to the tubing in the driveway. When cold, the fluid is returned to the boiler for re-heating and the process starts again. Most systems turn on using automatic sensors for temperature and moisture and others can be operated manually.

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