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Builders Choose Harris-Dudley’s Quality

You and your staff deliver quality products to your customers for a range of projects, big and small. Though every once in awhile, you might encounter a big project that goes beyond your staff power or expertise. That’s where expert subcontractors like those from Harris-Dudley can help. For almost a century, Utah builders have relied on Harris-Dudley to provide skilled work for snow melt, plumbing, HVAC and radiant floor subcontracting work.

Salt Lake & Park City’s Subcontractors

Harris-Dudley excels with contractors who have high standards for their work. Our specialty lies in heating and cooling projects, plumbing subcontracting and more. With over 80 years of experience, Harris-Dudley will consistently meet your needs for performance, timely completion and value.

Harris-Dudley provides peace of mind to your contractors and homeowners for years. They will know that following construction of the home, our service department will provide professional service for all equipment we have installed.

Please call us for a free assessment of your projects. We will provide you with current industry data, customized recommendations and guarantee you and your homeowners will be satisfied with their installation. Each of our technicians are RMGA certified in the leading brands of heating and cooling equipment and EPA certified to dispose of refrigerants and other chemicals safely. Contact us at 801.363.3883.