Outdoor Plumbing Services Salt Lake & Park City, UT

Harris-Dudley offers outdoor plumbing services to the Salt Lake City and Park City, UT areas. For businesses and families who need extra assistance with sprinklers, heating and cooling, gas piping or other fixtures, our team of highly trained plumbers are prepared to assist you.

Auto Sprinkler Valve Conversions

Sprinkler converter valves change your manual irrigation to an automatic valve. This allows you to time watering cycles on your own without turning the sprinklers on yourself. With a regular watering schedule, your lawn can stay healthier all year round.

Backflow Prevention Testing

If your property has a backflow prevention device, it’s wise to get it checked at least once a year to ensure it’s working properly. A professional Harris-Dudley plumber can visit your home or business to inspect it or fix any issues it may be having.

Drinking Fountains

For areas with a lot of foot traffic, drinking fountains are a great addition for your visitors. From adding new fixtures to mending temperature controls, Harris-Dudley plumbers can install or fix any issues that may occur.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative, or swamp, coolers are popular throughout Utah because they add humidity into the dry air of your home. When your swamp cooler breaks, summer can be miserable. Call the professionals at Harris-Dudley for help with your evaporative cooler.

Gas Piping

Problems in your gas piping can be dangerous for your family or anyone inside your property. A breech in your gas line can mean carbon monoxide poisoning or make the inside of your home or business extremely flammable. Get an inspection today.

Call Harris-Dudley Today

Harris-Dudley offers a variety of additional outdoor plumbing services. We can fix or install ground key valves, hose faucets, lawn sprinklers and mend sewer lines as well. For assistance with water lines to your lawn or building as well as gas, heating and cooling, we do it all. Call Harris-Dudley today at 801-679-6686.